Villa Mertala Cottage


Villa Mertala Cottage is 2006 build 1-floored suitable for winter use cottage. Total living-area 114 m² log-cottage  has bedroom, combined kitchen/livingroom, indoor sauna, indoor toilet lavatory. Altogether there are beds for 6+ 2 persons. Dogs and cats are not allowed to stay indoor, and there is not allowed to smoke indoors.

Anemities are barbecue ((grillikatos)), drying cabinet, electric owen, fire place, refrigerator, washing machine, wood burning owen, Cottage is electrificated, and heating is electric heating. All waters comes running from water pipe.

is located at large (>100 ha) Karankajärvi-lake shore (distance 30 m). Sand-Rock-grounded shore is shallow. Yard is landscaped, mostly leafy tree and grassy.

Jakolan tila
Mirja Oikari  43480 Pääjärvi

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Weather, Sun and Moon

Weather, Sun and Moon


Accommodation Jakolan tila
Cottage Saarijärvi
Lomamökki Saarijärvi RentolaHeijostenkoski lomökki luokitus Rentola
10+6 pers 200m2
from. 650-750
Cottage Saarijärvi
Lomamökki Saarijärvi Villa MertalaKarankajärvi lomökki luokitus Villa Mertala
6+2 pers 114m2
from. 700-950
Cottage Saarijärvi
Lomamökki Saarijärvi Mulikan HiltonKaranka lomökki luokitus Mulikan Hilton
10 pers 0m2
from. 205

Associated Lakes

Karankajärvi 1101 ha

Special fishing areas nearby: Jakolan tila

Karajoki Rapids 1 km
Saarijärvi Area 600 ha
Heijostenkoski Rapids 2 km
Karstula Area 2450 ha Area 335 ha Area 180 ha Area 545 ha Area 575 ha Area 320 ha
10€/12 tuntia 25€/24 tuntia 130€/kausi 200€/kausi
Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids 2 km
Saarijärvi Maximum depth 2000 m Maximum depth 2 m
Kouheroistenkoski Rapids 5 km
Karstula Area 300 ha Area 12 ha
5€/vrk 25€/vuosi
Tuhmakoski Rapids 8 km
Saarijärvi Area 240 ha Area 17 ha
15€/24 tuntia 70€/kausi
Rapids Kalmukoski ja Haapakoski 8 km
Saarijärvi Area 3500 ha
15€/24 tuntia 50€/kausi 200€/kausi
Riekonkoski and Muittarinkoski Rapids 12 km
Saarijärvi Area 430 ha
22,7€/24 tuntia
Kaitanen 16 km
Saarijärvi Lenght 1000 m Lenght 10 m Lenght 9,3 m
20€/24 tuntia

Lakes nearby Jakolan tila

Big Lakes:
Karankajärvi 1101 ha 1km
Vihanninjärvi 165 ha 3km
Hepolampi 148 ha 3km
Tuhmalampi 193 ha 5km
Kalmarinselkä 705 ha 9km
Pääjärvi 2950 ha 14km
Kiiminginjärvi 174 ha 16km
Iso-Korppinen 112 ha 18km

All Lakes nearby:
Karajoki 0 ha 1km
Karajoki 0 ha 1km
Karankajärvi 1101 ha 1km
Vihanninjoki 0 ha 2km
Heijoistenkoski 7 ha 2km
Suosalmi 0 ha 3km
Heijostenkoski-Tuhmajoki 0 ha 3km
Vihanninjärvi 165 ha 3km
Hepolampi 148 ha 3km
Merenlampi 4 ha 4km


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