Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids

Natural catch speices of the river are brown trout, grayling, pike and perch.   Stocked catch speices are grayling.  

Allowed fishing methods at the river are fly fishing and spinning.

The river Moksinjoki is situated in a peaceful place in wilderness and there are natural fish. The dark-watered river is about 11,5 km long and the total height difference is 46 metres. The river Moksinjoki begins from a small lake called Moksinjärvi, which gets its water from lake Kiesimenjärvi. The rapids Kuusikosket, which are very suitable for fishing, are located about 1 kilometre below lake Moksinjärvi. There is a 4 km long quiet water area below the rapids. This part of the river is where a lot of grayling and pike can be found. The first big rapid after the quiet water area is the rapid Myllykoski. There is a cottage for rent at the shore of the rapid. There is a lean-on for fishermen below the rapid. The rapid Myllykoski flows into the rapid Jyrkkäkoski, the last big rapid in the area. After this, the are little rapids, currents and quiet water areas before the the river ends in lake Vihanninjärvi. Lake Vihanninjärvi empties into lake Karankajärvi via the river Vihanninjoki. The river Vihanninjoki flows through thge village of Vihanti and there are more settlements than on the rapid Moksinjoki. However, there is plenty of room for fishermen on the river. The river Vihanninjoki is two kilometres long and its biggest rapid is Pulkkisenkoski. There are also several smaller rapids and currents in the river. The rivers will be kept as untouched as possible. Nearly all fish in the rivers are wild because only a few plantings have been made so far. Lake trout in the river also come from the rapids Karakoski, Heijostenkoski, and Kouheroistenkoski. Several lake trout weighting over 1 kg have been caught in the rivers. There are also a lot of 40 cm long grayling from the old plantings in the river. There are a lot of pike in quiet water areas of the rivers. UL tackles are excellent on the river. There is a lot of vegetation on the shores, but there are enough places to cast. It is possible to come to the river Moksinjoki along many different lorry roads. It is easier to find the river if you buy a base map (no. 2242 10 Moksinjoki, 2244 01 Vihanninjoki). Fishing on the river is at its easiest from a canoe in the beginning of the summer.

Hydrology - Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids

Lenght  2000 m  (Vihanninjoki)
Width  5 m  (-10 m kosket)
Mean discharge  2 m3/s  ()
Lenght  0 km  (11,5 Moksinjoki)

Fishing Licences Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids

Tietoja päivitetään vuodelle 2018 18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee: 45 EUR for the calendar year 2020 or 15 EUR for seven days or 6 EUR for one day.

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Places to pay the permit Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids

Information will be updated for year 2020

Fishing Rules Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids

Fishing Methods

Fly fishing and spinning.

General Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons (Finland Fishing Act)

Brown Trout Minimum Lenght cm
With adipose fin South of 64º00N latitude
Show Latitude
With adipose fin 64º00N - 67º00N välissä olevissa sisävesissä cm
Show Latitude
Without adipose fin North of 67º00N latitude cm
Without adipose fin cm
River and Brook
Grayling Minimum Lenght cm
South of 67º00N Latitude cm
Show Latitude
North of 67º00N Latitude cm
South of 67º00N
Freshwater Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
Vuoksi and Hiitolanjoki drainage system
Rivers and brooks .
Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
North of 63º30 N Latitude Bay of Bothnia cm
Show Latitude
River and Brook .
Pike Perch Minimum Lenght cm
Finland cm
Char Minimum Lenght cm
Lake Inarinjärvi cm
Vuoksi drainage area cm
Lake Kuolimo and Saimaa between Puumalansalmi and Vuoksenniska and Vuoksi drainage system area .
Whitefish Minimum Lenght cm
River and brook that empties to sea
Lamprey Minimum Lenght cm
Crayfish Minimum Lenght cm
Jokirapu, täplärapu ja kapeasaksirapu (Astacus leptodactylus)
Rainbow Trout and other Fish Speices Minimum Lenght cm

Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids Videos

Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids Fish Stockings

Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki fish stockings

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Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids Pictures

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Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids Maps and Driving Directions


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Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Special fishing areas nearby: Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki

Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki Rapids 0 km
Saarijärvi Maximum depth 2000 m Maximum depth 2 m
Karajoki Rapids 2 km
Saarijärvi Area 600 ha
Heijostenkoski Rapids 4 km
Karstula Area 2450 ha Area 335 ha Area 180 ha Area 545 ha Area 575 ha Area 320 ha
10€/12 tuntia 25€/24 tuntia 130€/kausi 200€/kausi
Kouheroistenkoski Rapids 6 km
Karstula Area 300 ha Area 12 ha
5€/vrk 25€/vuosi
Rapids Kalmukoski ja Haapakoski 9 km
Saarijärvi Area 3500 ha
15€/24 tuntia 50€/kausi 200€/kausi
Tuhmakoski Rapids 9 km
Saarijärvi Area 240 ha Area 17 ha
15€/24 tuntia 70€/kausi
Riekonkoski and Muittarinkoski Rapids 13 km
Saarijärvi Area 430 ha
22,7€/24 tuntia
Kota- ja Konttijoki River 17 km
Saarijärvi Area 12000 ha
13,2€/24 tuntia

Lakes nearby Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki

Big Lakes:
Karankajärvi 1101 ha 1km
Vihanninjärvi 165 ha 2km
Hepolampi 148 ha 5km
Tuhmalampi 193 ha 7km
Kiesimenjärvi 297 ha 10km
Kiiminginjärvi 174 ha 15km
Pääjärvi 2950 ha 15km
Iso Palojärvi 109 ha 19km

All Lakes nearby:
Vihanninjoki 0 ha 0km
Karankajärvi 1101 ha 1km
Vihanninjärvi 165 ha 2km
Karajoki 0 ha 3km
Karajoki 0 ha 3km
Suosalmi 0 ha 4km
Heijoistenkoski 7 ha 4km
Merenlampi 4 ha 4km
Heijostenkoski-Tuhmajoki 0 ha 5km
Hepolampi 148 ha 5km

Fishing Guides

Erä`s Pete / Petri Korhonen kalastusopas Keski-Suomi Hankasalmi 
Medi Fish Oy / Timo Koikkalainen kalastusopas Keski-Suomi Laukaa 

Cottages Moksin- ja Vihanninjoki

Cottage Saarijärvi Karankajärvi Karajoki Ähtärin Golf Paavonrinteet
Villa Mertala
6+2 henk 114m2
alk. 700-950
/week/cottage 2 km 
Cottage Saarijärvi Heijostenkoski Heijostenkoski Ähtärin Golf Paavonrinteet
10+6 henk 200m2
alk. 650-750
/week/cottage 4 km 
Cottage Saarijärvi Karanka Karajoki Ähtärin Golf Paavonrinteet
Mulikan Hilton
10 henk 0m2
alk. 205
/week/pers. 4 km 
Cottage Kannonkoski Kivijärvi Viivajoki Sahis
Mäntyranta I,II
6+2 henk 96m2
alk. 460-730
/week/cottage 36 km 
Cottage Kannonkoski Kivijärvi Viivajoki Sahis
4 henk 25m2
alk. 330-500
/week/cottage 36 km 
Cottage Viitasaari Vuosjärvi Huopanankoski Eerikkälä golf Sahis
8+4 henk 80m2
alk. 600
/week/cottage 47 km 
Cottage Viitasaari Muuruejärvi Keihärinkoski St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
Huopanan hirsihuvila
5 henk 39m2
alk. 360
/week/cottage 54 km 
Cottage Keuruu Kuusijärvi Pihlaiskosket Golf-Virrat Vuorenmaa
6+2 henk 50m2
alk. 380
/week/cottage 56 km 
Cottage Keuruu Kuusijärvi Pihlaiskosket Golf-Virrat Vuorenmaa
6+2 henk 50m2
alk. 350
/week/cottage 56 km 
Cottage Keuruu Kuusijärvi Pihlaiskosket Golf-Virrat Vuorenmaa
8+2 henk 65m2
alk. 350-450
/week/cottage 56 km 
Cottage Äänekoski Kuhnamo Luijankoski Laukaan Peurunkagolf Laajavuori Laajis
Ristilahden lomamökki
10 henk 120m2
alk. 500
/week/cottage 56 km 
Cottage Keuruu Kuusijärvi Pihlaiskosket Golf-Virrat Vuorenmaa
4 henk 30m2
alk. 280
/week/cottage 56 km 
Cottage Kinnula Markojärvi Myllyjoki St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
8+2 henk 100m2
alk. 600-650
/week/cottage 59 km 
Cottage Kinnula Markojärvi Myllyjoki St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
6+2 henk 67m2
alk. 450-550
/week/cottage 59 km 


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