Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers

Stocked catch speices of the rapid are brown trout and rainbow trout.   Natural catch speices are brown trout, pike and perch.  

Allowed fishing methods at the rapid are spinning and fly fishing. Available services are lean-to, fireplace and launching place for boats.

Hydrology - Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers

Mean discharge  5,6 m3/s  (yläoläosa 2000 - 2009)
Lenght  67 km  ((joessa on 25 koskea))

Fishing Licences Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee: 45 EUR for the calendar year 2020 or 15 EUR for seven days or 6 EUR for one day.

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Places to pay the permit Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers

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Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers licence

Licences are send automatically our fishing licences via email, licences are image files and can be saved for example into your smartphone.

Fishing Rules Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers


Syöttitahnojen ja passiivisten vapojen käyttö kielletty

Fishing Methods

Spinning and fly fishing.

Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons

It is prohibited to take a fish that is smaller than the minimum size and bigger than the maximum size. A fish that does not meet the limits for the catch size must be immediately released back to water.

Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons

Brown trout 50 cm,  Freshwater Salmon 60 cm,  Grayling 35 cm,  Pike Perch 42 cm

General Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons (Finland Fishing Act)

Brown Trout Minimum Lenght cm
With adipose fin South of 64º00N latitude
Show Latitude
With adipose fin 64º00N - 67º00N välissä olevissa sisävesissä cm
Show Latitude
Without adipose fin North of 67º00N latitude cm
Without adipose fin cm
River and Brook
Grayling Minimum Lenght cm
South of 67º00N Latitude cm
Show Latitude
North of 67º00N Latitude cm
South of 67º00N
Freshwater Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
Vuoksi and Hiitolanjoki drainage system
Rivers and brooks .
Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
North of 63º30 N Latitude Bay of Bothnia cm
Show Latitude
River and Brook .
Pike Perch Minimum Lenght cm
Finland cm
Char Minimum Lenght cm
Lake Inarinjärvi cm
Vuoksi drainage area cm
Lake Kuolimo and Saimaa between Puumalansalmi and Vuoksenniska and Vuoksi drainage system area .
Whitefish Minimum Lenght cm
River and brook that empties to sea
Lamprey Minimum Lenght cm
Crayfish Minimum Lenght cm
Jokirapu, täplärapu ja kapeasaksirapu (Astacus leptodactylus)
Rainbow Trout and other Fish Speices Minimum Lenght cm

Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers Videos

Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers Fish Stockings

Keyrityn-Puntinjoki fish stockings

Superior Lake: Ylä-Keyritty

Underneath Lake: Keyritty

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Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers Pictures

Saat kuvat käyttöösi kirjautumalla sivuille

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Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers Maps and Driving Directions


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Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Associated Lakes

Keyritty 1829 ha
Ylä-Keyritty 366 ha

Special fishing areas nearby: Keyrityn-Puntinjoki

Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Rivers 0 km
Juankoski Area 5,6 ha Area 67 ha
15€/24 tuntia 30€/viikko 60€/vuosi
Fishing ground of Rautavaara 3 km
Rautavaara Height of drop 1800 m
Lake Matolampi 8 km
Rautavaara Lenght 3 m Lenght 3 m Lenght 7 m
12€/12 tuntia 15€/5 tuntia 25€/24 tuntia
River Tiilikkajoki 13 km
Rautavaara Area 4 ha Area 21 ha
18€/24 tuntia 60€/vuosi
Viilekelampi 14 km
Rautavaara Lenght 3 m
18€/24 tuntia
Fishing ground of Lake Syväri 21 km
Nilsiä Height of drop 7500 m
20€/viikko 50€/kausi
Fishing ground of Valtimo 29 km
Valtimo Height of drop 3100 m
4€/viikko 9€/vuosi
Lastukoski Rapids 31 km
Nilsiä Area 1200 ha Area 23,9 ha
21€/12 tuntia 25€/24 tuntia

Lakes nearby Keyrityn-Puntinjoki

Big Lakes:
Keyritty 1829 ha 4km
Lapinjärvi 222 ha 5km
Suojärvi 154 ha 8km
Saarinen 156 ha 11km
Nurmesjärvi 829 ha 14km
Ala-Nurmes 192 ha 20km

All Lakes nearby:
Lapinlampi 5 ha 3km
Kortelampi 1 ha 3km
Rasilampi 1 ha 3km
Kaatronlampi 3 ha 3km
Keyritty 1829 ha 4km
Keyritynjoki 0 ha 5km
Lapinjärvi 222 ha 5km
Kuikkalampi 2 ha 5km
Sihvonlampi 5 ha 5km
Hanhilampi 2 ha 5km

Fishing Guides

Cottages Keyrityn-Puntinjoki

Cottage Lapinlahti Korpinen Tiilikkajoki Tahkon Golfseura Vatuski
Varpaisjärven lomamökki
7+2 henk 0m2
alk. 850
/week/cottage 19 km 
Cottage Valtimo Haapajärvi Keyrityn-Puntinjoki Pielis-Golf Vatuski
Valtimon lomamökki
6+2 henk 110m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 31 km 
Cottage Juuka Vaikkojärvi Pisankoski Pielis-Golf Vatuski
Juukan lomamökki
7 henk 90m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 32 km 
Cottage Sonkajärvi Petäjäjärvi Koirakoski Nurmijoki Ylä-Savon Golfseura Vatuski
Pyyniemen saunamökki
2+2 henk 30m2
alk. 500-700
/week/cottage 39 km 
Cottage Juankoski Vuotjärvi Pisankoski Tahkon Golfseura Tahko
8 henk 85m2
alk. 550
/week/cottage 40 km 
Cottage Sonkajärvi Haapajärvi Jyrkänkoski Ylä-Savon Golfseura Vuokatti
Jyrkän Retkeilymaja
2 henk 20m2
alk. 140
/week/pers. 42 km 
Cottage Sonkajärvi Jyrkänkoski Jyrkänkoski Ylä-Savon Golfseura Vuokatti
Herrala Imperial Sviitti
2 henk 41m2
alk. 700
/week/pers. 43 km 
Cottage Sonkajärvi Haapajärvi Jyrkänkoski Ylä-Savon Golfseura Vuokatti
4+1 henk 80m2
alk. 700
/week/cottage 43 km 
Cottage Nurmes Kuohattijärvi Niskankoski Pielis-Golf Loma-Kolin rinteet
Nurmeksen lomamökki
8 henk 100m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 57 km 
Cottage Lieksa Pielinen Sokojoki Pielis-Golf Loma-Kolin rinteet
Lieksan lomamökki
9 henk 145m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 77 km 
Cottage Sotkamo Nuasjärvi Jormaskylän kosket Katinkulta Golf Vuokatti
Sotkamon lomamökki
4+2 henk 150m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 78 km 
Cottage Outokumpu Viinijärvi Taipaleenjoen viehealue Outokummun Golfseura Maarianvaara
Outokummun lomamökki
6 henk 120m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 94 km 
Cottage Polvijärvi Höytiäinen Pielisjoen viehelupa Karelia Golf Kolin Hiihtokeskus
Polvijärven lomamökki
6 henk 89m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 96 km 
Cottage Kajaani Oulunjärvi Linnanvirta Kajaaninjoki Kajaanin Golf Saukkovaara
Kajaanin lomamökki
4+2 henk 89m2
alk. 340-450
/week/cottage 98 km 


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