Fishing in Finland 2019

Fishing Finland 2019

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Roach fishing in Finland

Roach in Finland

Roach is one of the most numerous fish in the waters of Central Finland. It is a common catch when angling or ice fishing.

Roach - Angling in Finland

Roach is a common catch for an angler.

Rushy shores are excellent roach angling places. Quiet water areas are the best roach angling places in a river.

Roach bite agressively round the clock, but mornings and evenings are the best times.

You only need a primitive hook and some line as well as a rod for angling. You can find these from nearly on all cottages. You have a better chance of catching fish with competition angling tackles if fish aren't biting very well.
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Roach Angling on Lakes
Roach Angling on Lakes:   © Kalakoukku

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Fishing licence alternatives Roach in Finland

You must always pay National fisheries management fee 2019 if you are aged 18-64 years and get permission of the owner of the water areas is always required independent of the age of the fisher. You can ask Angling licences for example from your cottage owner or local gasstations or shops.

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Facts of Roach in Finland

Spawning season April - May
Spawning place Shallow and rushy shore
Spawning depth
Source of nutriment Zooplankton, benthic animals, insects.
Migrations Spawn migration.
Habitat shores of lakes and slow rivers.
Use as food Big fishes are usuable.

Special Roach Fishing Resorts Angling in Finland

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