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Pike fishing in Finland

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Facts of Pike in Finland

Spawning season May - june
Spawning place Shallow and rushy shore, flooded shores are important
Spawning depth
Source of nutriment Fish. Roach and Perch are the most popularnutriment fish, big pike use also vendace as nutriment
Migrations Local fish. Spawn migration in spring.
Habitat Rushy shores and ranges of rocks (pike weighing 0-1,5 kg). Big pike are in deep water in summer. There are also a lot of pike in quiet water areas and slow currents of rivers.
Activity The most active time is in evenings and mornings
Use as food Light-coloured, low in fat. Excellent in soups and fried.

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Pike in Finland

There are pike in nearly all lakes in Finland. This big predatory fish is the most important catch on lakes.