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Huopanankoski Rapids

Fishing Resort - Viitasaari - Central Finland - Western Finland - Finland

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Fishing Licences and Permits Huopanankoski Rapids

Season: 1.1. -31.8. ja 01.12. -31.12 
Group: Fishing method: All All
PriceDurationCatch Quota
12 €3 hoursCatch&Releace
16 €3 hours1 salmonid
20 €12 hoursCatch&Releace
25 €12 hours1 salmonid
25 €24 hCatch&Releace
36 €24 h2 salmonid
Group: Fishing method: All Whole resort
PriceDurationCatch Quota
380 €24 hOther quota

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 24 EUR for the calendar year 2015 or 7 EUR for seven days.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing Licence Webshop
Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Master Card-luottokortilla Osta  2015  kalastuslupasi Visa-luottokortilla Osta  2015  kalastuslupasi Visa Electron-luottokortilla Osta Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Osuuspankin verkkomaksulla netistä Osta Huopanankoski 2015 kalastusluvat Danske Bank pankin verkkomaksulla netistä Hanki  2015 luvat Nordea pankin verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa S-Pankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Lähi-Tapiola verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa POP Pankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Aktia verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Säästöpankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Handelsbanken verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2015 kalastuslupa Alandsbanken verkkomaksulla

Places to pay the permit Huopanankoski Rapids

Riitta Kauppinen  +358 40 536 5567 (kauppilantie 31 HUOPANANKOSKI) Driving Directions

Note: For international calls, replace the first (0) from dialling code with +358

Location and Driving Directions

Viitasaari.  Keski-Suomi

Hydrology Huopanankoski Rapids

 Disharge : Huopanakoski Hilmonjoki  Lenght  1000 m  ()
Width  35 m  (10-60m)
Mean discharge  20 m3/s  ()
Flood discharge  38 m3/s  ()
Low discharge  10 m3/s  ()

Fishing Rules Huopanankoski Rapids

3 salmonoids/24 hours, 2 salmonoids/12 hours and 1 fishes/3 hours, permits for 24 hours begin at 6 pm. With the catch and release permit, you have to release the fish you have caught. The minimum lenght is 35 cm for grayling and 45 cm for unmarked trout.

Minimum size of the catch Huopanankoski Rapids

Brown trout 50 cm,  Freshwater Salmon 60 cm,  Grayling 40 cm,  Pikeperch 42 cm
Others no minimum size

Catch species Huopanankoski Rapids

Natural: brown trout, ide, grayling and whitefish.  
Stocked: brown trout and grayling.  

Services Huopanankoski Rapids

Kiosk ( ), fireplace, other service (ongintalammikko), lean-to, cafe, toilet and accommodation.

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Viitasaari Ähtäri  Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors: Jyväskylä  Kuopio 

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Juhani Aho, a Finnish author, made Huopanankoski well-known for Finnish fishermen with the novels he wrote in the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, the rapid has not always been in such a good condition. Nowadays, however, the rapid is is beginning to bloom again due to all the dedicated work done in the area. The rapid itself has been restored and the surroundings of the rapid have been made better. You can still feel the atmosphere of fishing in the good old days at Huopanankoski. Huopana is located on the waterway from Kivijärvi to Keitele. Other rapids on the same route are Hilmonkoski and Keihärinkoski. Lake trout is the most popular fish at Huopana. There is also a natural population of grayling in the rapid.