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Pihlaiskosket Rapids

Fishing Resort - Keuruu - Central Finland - Western Finland - Finland

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Fishing Licences and Permits Pihlaiskosket Rapids

Season: Other season 1.5.- 30.4.
Group: Fishing method: All All
PriceDurationCatch Quota
20 €24 h2 salmonid
100 €Year2 salmonid
Saaliskiintiö / vrk kausi 1.5.-31.4
Group: Fishing method: All Under 10 y.
PriceDurationCatch Quota
0 €24 hOther quota
Alle 10 v kalastaja ei tarvitse omaa lupaa ollessaan perheen vanhemman jäsenen mukana (kalastus vanhemman kiintiöön)

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 45 EUR for the calendar year 2019 or 15 EUR for seven days or 6 EUR for one day.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing Licence Webshop
Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Master Card-luottokortilla Osta  2019  kalastuslupasi Visa-luottokortilla Osta Osta  2019  kalastuslupasi Visa Electron-luottokortilla Osta Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Osuuspankin verkkomaksulla netistä Osta Pihlaiskosket Kuusikoski 2019 kalastusluvat Danske Bank pankin verkkomaksulla netistä Hanki  2019 luvat Nordea pankin verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa S-Pankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa POP Pankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Aktia verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Säästöpankki verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Handelsbanken verkkomaksulla Lunasta  2019 kalastuslupa Alandsbanken verkkomaksulla

Places to pay the permit Pihlaiskosket Rapids

Juhani Rajala  040-7689702 ( )
Kalle Kuusimäki  050-3023176 (kuusijärventie 247 KATAJAMÄKI) Driving Directions
Karansalmen Kylätalo  014-757111 ( )
Lupa-automaatti   (kokinmäentie 32 KATAJAMÄKI) Driving Directions
Matti Rajala  0400-438229 ( )
Matti Rajala  0400-438229 ( )
Mauno Törmä  050-5449338 ( )
Oiva Hanhiniemi  0400-518447 (kaakkomäentie 97 PIHLAJAVESI) Driving Directions
Raija Koskela-Drischenko  040-7628134 (sammalistontie 534 KATAJAMÄKI) Driving Directions
Sale Haapamäki  014-8604422 (pihlajavedentie 7 HAAPAMÄKI) Driving Directions

Note: For international calls, replace the first (0) from dialling code with +358

Location and Driving Directions

Keuruu.  Keski-Suomi

Hydrology Pihlaiskosket Rapids

 Disharge : Kitusjärvi luusua Vilppulankoski  Lenght  2200 m  ()
Lenght  144 m  (Kanavakoski)
Lenght  300 m  (Pihlaiskoski)
Lenght  465 m  (Vääräkoski)
Lenght  170 m  (Kuusikoski)
Width  5 m  (- 66)
Mean discharge  0 m3/s  (5.6)
Flood discharge  20 m3/s  ()
Low discharge  0 m3/s  (1.57)

Fishing Rules Pihlaiskosket Rapids

2 salmonoids/ 24 hours, fly fishing and casting with a lure is allowed. The use of baits, pastes or a boat is forbidden.

Catch species Pihlaiskosket Rapids

Stocked: brown trout, grayling and rainbow trout.  
Natural: ide, perch and pike.  

Services Pihlaiskosket Rapids

Toilet ( ), bridge (ylityssillat 4), fireplace (2) and laplander's hut.

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Ähtäri  Ähtäri  Ähtari Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors: Saarijärvi  Jyväskylä 

You can get more information by clicking the map

The rapid Pihlaiskosket consists of four separate rapids and of the river and quiet water areas in between them. The rapids are situated between lakes Pihlajavesi and Kuusijärvi. Starting from the top, the rapids are: Kanavakoski, Pihlaiskoski, Vääräkoski and Kuuskoski. The last two rapids have been used for general fishing purposes only for a couple of years. The total length of the fishing ground is 2,2 km, so you can actually do some hiking too while fishing. The area begins with the short rapid Kanavakoski, which resembles a channel. However, the rapid does offer plenty of lodges for fish. Immediately below the rapid there is a deep pit, where you can find rainbow trout in particular. The rapid Pihlaiskoski begins after about 200 metres of quiet water area. It is the steepest and the most foaming rapid in the fishing ground. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to fish there especially in the middle of the rapid. A bridge crosses the rapid and there is a fireplace on the shore of the rapid. The rapid Vääräkoski, which is about 500 metres long, begins immediately after the rapid Pihlaiskoski. The fact that it is the most slowly-flowing rapid in the area makes it suitable for fishing. After the rapid Vääräkoski, there is a 400 metres long quiet water area called Pitkäsuvanto, which ends up in the rapid Kuuskoski, which is the last rapid in the area. There is a bridge across the rapid. You can see the whole area of the waterfall to the fireplace, which is located at the shore of the rapid. There are rainbow trout and lake trout in the rapids Pihlaiskosket. The fish in the rapids are mainly planted, but sometimes you can catch big andromous lake trout, which have come to Pihlaiskosket from lakes Pihlajavesi and Kuusijärvi. Several lake trout weighting over 5kg have been caught on the rapids Pihlaiskosket. The rapids Pihlaiskosket are located in the middle of wilderness and there are no buildings on the shores. You can reach the rapids with a car only in a couple of spots, and even then you have to walk to get to the rapids. After the rapids are cleaned out during the next couple of years, they will be even better for fishing than before. it is easy to buy fishing permits for the rapids Pihlaiskosket: There is a shelter called Kokonkota in the beginning of road Kokinmäentie, from where you can buy fishing permits from a machine.