Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland

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Rainbow trout - Ice fishing in Finland

Fishing Seasons Rainbow trout Ice fishing in Finland

Close season and protection area:-
The minimum size:.
Typical size of the catch 0,5 - 2,0 kg

Fishing Licence / Permit alternatives Rainbow trout Ice fishing in Finland

Age of the fisher National fishing managemet fee Provincial lure fishing fee Other permitsArea
0-17 and over 65 yearsIn special fishing grounds
18-64 yearsIn special fishing grounds
All age groupsEverywhere but not at protection areas (often special fishing grounds)

Fishing equipments Rainbow trout Ice fishing in Finland

Reel: Ice fishing equipment / spinning reel
Rod:  stiff, shortened casting rod
Line:  0.25-0.30 mm
Price: € 5 -
Else:  Ice drill

Lures Rainbow trout Ice fishing in Finland

Type of lure Size and colour Used lures Bait
Balanced jigger 3-5 cm
Copper, Gold, Silver
Nils Master, Kuusamon sääski no
Upright jigg 2-7 cm
Perch, Silver/Black
Kuusamon Varma, Nautilus, Valio, Red gentles, Earthworm, Bloodworm
So-called "Mormyska" (weighed hook) 0,5
Silver/Copper, Light colours
Kuusamon timanttimormyska Red gentles, Earthworm, Bloodworm

Special Fishing Resorts Rainbow trout Ice fishing in Finland

Rainbow trout - Ice fishing in Finland

Rainbow trout ice fishing is possible on some special fishing grounds in Central Finland. The biggest advantage of rainbow trout ice fishing are the big fish caught by using this method.

When you are ice fishing rainbow trout you should fish from the same hole for a while and wait until rainbow trout swim to the hole. You should beging ice fishing from the bottom and chance the fishing depth every now and then. It can also be effective to jigg directly under the ice. If you catch a rainbow trout you should stay in the same place.

Rainbow trout is fished on special fishing grounds. The best lodges are usually full of holes. It is easy to notice catch places on ice afterwards. Rainbow trout often swim near shores. Abrupt banks near shores are often excellent lodges.

The best time to jigg rainbow trout is early in the morning.

You should use heavier ice fishing tackles than those for perch when ice fishing rainbow trout. You should use a 5 in. ice drill and strong enough fishing line to be able to pull a big rainbow trout on the ice.

Welcome to fish on the clean waters of Finland!