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Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Fishing Resort - Pihtipudas - Central Finland - Western Finland - Finland

Fishing Licences and Permits Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Season: Whole year 
Group: Fishing method: All Over 18 y.
PriceDurationCatch Quota
10 €WeekNo catch quota
25 €SeasonNo catch quota

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 22 EUR for the calendar year 2015 or 7 EUR for seven days.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing License Webshop
Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu

Places to pay the permit Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu
Finland Fishing Licence Webshop (In English, open 24/7 h, credit cards and finnish online bank account accepted)

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Location and Driving Directions

Pihtipudas.  Keski-Suomi

Hydrology Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

 Water Level: Saanijärvi  Kolima  Ice thickness  Saanijärvi  Kivijärvi -Saarensalmi  Area  101 ha  (Kolima)
Mean depth  6,2 m  (Syvyyskäyrät löytyvät peruskartasta -erillistä veneilykarttaa alueesta ei ole)

Minimum size of the catch Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Brown trout 40 cm,  Freshwater Salmon 40 cm,  Grayling 30 cm,  Pikeperch 37 cm
Others no minimum size

Catch species Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Natural: brown trout, pike and perch.  
Stocked: freshwater salmon, whitefish, pike perch and brown trout.  

Services Fishing ground of Pihtipudas

Launching place for boats and fireplace.

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Viitasaari Nivala Nivala  Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors: Ylivieska  Kuopio 

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The fishing ground of Pihtipudas consists of lakes Kolimajärvi, Alvajärvi, Muurasjärvi, Saanijärvi and Elämäjärvi. Kolimajärvi, which is the biggest one of these five lakes, empties into lake Keitele through the waterway of the rapids Kärnänkosket. Lake Kolimajärvi is oligotrophic and deep. The deepest place is at Houninsyvänne, where the lake is 66 metres deep. The conditions are suitable for lake trout and freshwater salmon. A lot of fish have been stocked in the lake and therefore there are plenty of big salmonoids. The name of Kolima has often been associated with many winning fish in the “Suurin Kala” fishing competition. The lake is well-known for fishermen who are trolling because there are yearly trolling competitions. Lake Kolima is an open lake with few islands and some ranges of rocks. The depth varies between different parts of the lake. There are a lot of banks and there are often plenty of fish. There are only base maps with contour lines of the lake. Navigation routes haven’t been marked on lake Kolima, nor are there any man-made places for taking a break. However, there are plenty of uninhabited shores where you can relax for a while. You can launch your own boat at the north and south ends of the lake. Lake Alvajärvi is the second largest lake of the fishing ground. The lake is long and narrow. The lake is a big open lake with few islands. The water in lake Alvajärvi is more brown and more eutrophic than lake Kolima. There are two launching places for boats at the village of Pihtipudas. There are no man-made places to have a break on lake Alvajärvi. Lake Muurasjärvi, which is a lot like lake Alvajärvi, is bit deeper than lake Alvajärvi.