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Vaajavirta Rapids

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Fishing Licences and Permits Vaajavirta Rapids

Season: Other season 1.1-10.9 ja huom 17.11.-31.12.
Group: Fishing method: All All
PriceDurationCatch Quota
15 €Day2 salmonid
80 €Week2 salmonid
170 €Year2 salmonid
Season: 1.1. -10.9. ja 16.11. -31.12 
Group: Fishing method: All Members
PriceDurationCatch Quota
25 €Season2 salmonid
alle 18 v
50 €Season2 salmonid

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 22 EUR for the calendar year 2015 or 7 EUR for seven days.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing License Webshop
Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu

Places to pay the permit Vaajavirta Rapids

Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu
Finland Fishing Licence Webshop (In English, open 24/7 h, credit cards and finnish online bank account accepted)
Hotelli-Ravintola Noukanniemi  014-666 096 (noukanniementie 99 VAAJAKOSKI) Driving Directions

Note: For international calls, replace the first (0) from dialling code with +358

Location and Driving Directions

Jyväskylä ja Jyväskylä.  Keski-Suomi

Hydrology Vaajavirta Rapids

 Disharge (2009-2003): Simunankoski Piesalanjoki  Lenght  4700 m  ()
Width  33 m  (-100 m virtakohdat)
Mean discharge  141 m3/s  ()
Flood discharge  0 m3/s  (Virtaamaa säännöstelty)
Low discharge  0 m3/s  (Virtaamaa säännöstelty)

Fishing Rules Vaajavirta Rapids

Trolling 2 rods/boat, casting tackles (lure, fly or bait). Catch quota 3 salmonoids/24 hours (season 1.5. - 10.9). Lake trout and freswater salmon minimum lenght 43 cm, pike perch 40 cm. Trolling with a motor is forbidden on the area between the railway bridge and the south end of the island Salinsaari.

Minimum size of the catch Vaajavirta Rapids

Brown trout 50 cm,  Freshwater Salmon 50 cm,  Grayling 30 cm,  Pikeperch 45 cm
Others no minimum size

Catch species Vaajavirta Rapids

Natural: brown trout, grayling, pike perch, pike and perch.  
Stocked: freshwater salmon, whitefish and brown trout.  

Services Vaajavirta Rapids

Fireplace, boat for rent, launching place for boats, cafe and other service (vaajakosken taajaman palvelut 500 m päässä).

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Jyväskylä  Jyväskylä Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors: Saarijärvi  Virrat 

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The waterways of Rautalampi, Viitasaari, and Saarijärvi empty into the powerful river Vaajavirta, which is near Jyväskylä. There were three big rapids in the beginning of the century: Yläkoski, Haapakoski, and Vaajakoski. The lowest rapid Vaajakoski was harnessed in the beginning of the century. After that, the river has not been as swift as it used to be. The canal from Keitele to Päijänne was built in the beginning of 1990’s. A lock was built and the rapid was dredged suitable for large boats. Although the rapid has been “tamed”, it is still an excellent fishing ground. The river Vaajavirta is one of the best places to catch big lake trout in central Finland. There is a lot of anadromous lake trout from lake Päijänne, which do not immediately find the way to the spawning areas above the rapid. There is plenty of time for fishermen to catch a lot of trout before fish eventually find the stairs. Several lake trout weighting over 5kg have been caught there. A lot of smaller lake trout have been planted into the river. The grayling population is growing very rapidly, because grayling have been stocked in the lake for ten years. There is a good possibility to catch a grayling weighting 700-800 grams on Vaajavirta. The record up to date is 1,5 kg. The about 5 km long fishing ground begins from the rapid Yläkoski, which begins from lake Leppävesi. The best way to fish in the area is to use a boat. It is also useful to cast the near the stones at the shore, where the fish often hide. Grayling have often been caught from a boat by using a fly. The river there is over 10 metres deep in the middle. The most popular fishing ground of the river Vaajavirta is the rapid Vaajakoski. There is a special shore-fishing zone for fly fishermen above the new power plant. There is plenty of room for casting at the shores, and this makes the area good for practising fly fishing. Wadding is dangerous in the area, because the power plant is located nearby. Below the new power plant there is a 100 metres long area where fishing is not allowed. The most popular casting at the shore is below the bridge at the end of cape Paloniemi. The river is extremely swift there and you have to use extra weights with your lures if you want to fish near the bottom. The bottom seems to be even, but there are a lot of pits and stones, where fish can be found. There are many jetties which you can use for fishing at the end of cape Paloniemi. Trolling is a popular fishing method on the river Vaajavirta. The most popular fishing area begins at the end of cape Paloniemi and continues up to the island Sallinsaari. The best time for fishing is in autumn after the closed season. Fishing in also possible in winter, because the river is not covered in ice. The best way to learn the best lodges and methods is to ask tips from local fishermen. The location of the best lodges varies according to the level of water. In the end of the flood season most fish are in the west below the old power plant, and in other times they can be found in the east bed. You’re allowed to use live baits on the river. Smelt is the best bait to use. There are good services near the river Vaajavirta. In summer there is a café in the idyllic milieu of wooden houses on island Naissaari. There is a fireplace with a cover at the cape Paloniemi. The services of the Vaajakoski population centre are only a couple of hundred metres away. There is jetty for the boats of guests at the cape Paloniemi. There are three places where you can launch your own boat. The dam can be passed by going through the lock.