Fishing in Finland 2015

Nykälänkosket Rapids

Fishing Resort - Mikkeli - Etelä-Savo Region - Eastern Finland - Finland

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Fishing Licences and Permits Nykälänkosket Rapids

Season: Other season Avovesikausi
Group: Fishing method: All All
PriceDurationCatch Quota
30 €6 hours1 salmonid
36 €6 hours1 salmonid
48 €12 hours2 salmonid
50 €24 h3 salmonid
60 €24 h3 salmonid

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 22 EUR for the calendar year 2015 or 7 EUR for seven days.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing License Webshop
Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu

Places to pay the permit Nykälänkosket Rapids

Note: For international calls, replace the first (0) from dialling code with +358 Nykälän koskentila  015-669819 (porsaskoskentie 2275 NEUVOLA)

Location and Driving Directions

Mikkeli.  Etelä-Savo

Hydrology Nykälänkosket Rapids

 Disharge (2009-2003): Rauhajärvi luusua Simunankoski  Lenght  4000 m  (5 koskea)

Catch species Nykälänkosket Rapids

Natural: brown trout, grayling, ide, pike, perch and bream.  
Stocked: grayling and brown trout.  

Services Nykälänkosket Rapids

Jetty for fishing ((useita)), lean-to, fireplace ((useita)), smoking place, accommodation, restaurant and other service (siltoja, kalastusvälineiden vuokraus).

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Varkaus  Varkaus  Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors: Anttola  Kuopio 

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Natural catch speices of the rapid are brown trout, grayling, ide, pike, perch and bream.   Stocked catch speices are grayling and brown trout.  

Allowed fishing methods at the rapid are fly fishing and casting. Available services are jetty for fishing, lean-to, fireplace, smoking place, accommodation and restaurant.