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Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Fishing Resort - Ylitornio - Lapland - Lapland - Finland

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Fishing Licences and Permits Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Resort belongs to Rivers Tornion- ja Muonionjoki fishing licence area.

Season: Other season 1.1.-14.9. Lohi ja taimen 1.6.-31.8.
Group: Fishing method: All All
PriceDurationCatch Quota
10 €Day1 salmonid
40 €Week1 salmonid
80 €Season1 salmonid

18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee is 22 EUR for the calendar year 2015 or 7 EUR for seven days.
Purhace National fishing management fee from Finland Fishing License Webshop
Master Card Visa Visa Osuuspankin verkkomaksu Sampo pankin verkkomaksu Paikallisosuuspankin / saastopankin verkkomaksu Nordea pankin verkkomaksu

Places to pay the permit Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Note: For international calls, replace the first (0) from dialling code with +358 Villi-Pohjolan luvanmyynti   ( )

Location and Driving Directions

Ylitornio.  Lappi Tornion- ja Muonionjoki

Hydrology Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

 Disharge (2009-2003): Tornionjoki Pello Kemijoki Petäjäskoski 

Catch species Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Fishing Methods Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Services Kattilakoski Tornionjoki

Weather etc.

Weather forecasts:  Ylitornio  Pello  Rain- and Cloudradar  Rain forecast and radar 
Lightning detectors:

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Kattilakoski Tornionjoki